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The Black Madonna

60 minsFirst aired 17 Jul 2017
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Dan Wilton

The celebrated DJ and underground activist tells the story of her rise to prominence, from raving in fields to festival stages worldwide.

Although she only began to DJ in her 20s, Marea Stamper, AKA the Black Madonna, has gone from rural Kentucky (where as a teenager she sold mixtapes out of her cRead more


The Black Madonna was born into a musical family – her father is well-regarded blues musician Nick Stump and her mother and stepfather are ardent record collectors who introduced her to the likes of Lauryn Hill, Pet Shop Boys, New Order, The KLF, Beastie Boys and many others when she was a child.


Although they weren’t the earliest adopters of the talk box, Zapp helped popularize the technology.


Dust Traxx Records was founded by Radoslaw “Radek” Hawryszczuk, who was a competitor of Stamper in the niche Midwestern rave mixtape hustle before she was hired to help the label with early digital distribution.


Interview by Lauren Martin
Written, produced and engineered by Frank Westerkamp

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