Fireside Chat

Doc Scott

60 minsFirst aired 12 Jul 2017
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Brian Walsh

The original king of the rollers speaks about the evolution of drum & bass, from Metalheadz at Blue Note to the present day.

The original “King of the Rollers,” Scott McIlroy AKA Doc Scott is a drum & bass legend. With musical roots steeped in electro, hip-hop, techno and house, it waRead more


Right around the time that he first heard Derrick May’s “It Is What It Is,” Doc Scott earned his moniker for his propensity to distribute hip-hop tapes at school in Conventry.


If you’re unfamiliar, check out Doc Scott’s long-running 31 Recordings for a cache of drum & bass’ finest.


Doc Scott’s Instagram_ is a treasure trove of vintage pics – like this one fom 1996, featuring drum & bass veteran Goldie, Gimme 5’s Michael Kopelman and Stüssy’s Shawn Stussy in Hawaii.


Interview by Lauren Martin
Written and engineered by Frank Westerkamp
Produced by Carmen Hofmann

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