Discreet Music

The Language of Strings

120 minsRecorded 18 Jun 2018This episode is unavailable to play on demand. Why?
Artwork by Nayan Graf Quartier

An unexpectedly dark installment featuring music from Shampoo Boy, This Heat, Metalized Man, Hieroglyphic Being, and more.

If Discreet Music has any kind of goal, week-to-week, it’s to lull listeners into a kind of trance where the real world falls away. Typically we do that throughRead more

1Shampoo BoySpaltBlackest Ever Black
2Sunn O))) & UlverWestern HornSouthern Lord
3Metalized ManFlesh Lamps And Hover BoardsFoul-Up
4Age CoinProteinPosh Isolation
5Sussan Deyhim & RichardAzax AttraCrammed Discs
6Maria MontiIl PavoneUnseen Worlds
8Fenn O’BergPart VIIEditions Mego
9This HeatThe Fall Of SaigonPiano
10Friesen/Waters Duo06Shaking Box
11Tor LundvallNegative MoonDais
12John T. GastJah GuidanceHaunter
13Hieroglyphic BeingThe Language Of StringsMathematics
14Hafler TrioSeven HoursTouch
15Minutes UnlimitedPositionYoung Heavy Souls
17No UFO’sAnthropomorphic Cloud Of SmokeRoot Strata

Produced by Matthew Ismael Ruiz
Engineered by Mike Bloom

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