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Scott Zacharias

60 minsFirst aired 11 Jul 2017
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Amy Hubbarth

The respected DJ, playing raves and chill out rooms across the Midwest, delivers soulful and funky grooves dedicated to Detroit.

One of the co-founders of Detroit’s Macho City and Disco/Secret (with Mike Trombley), and the original resident of Oslo, Scott Zacharias is one of Detroit’s keyRead more

1N/AJimi IntroN/A
2Johnnie Walker’s X-1Thinking Bout Your LoveHollywood Detroit
3Wendell HarrisonTake Time OutRebirth
4Ju-Par Universal OrchestraTimeJu-Par
5Wendell HarrisonBelle IsleWenha
6The Lyman Woodard OrganizationBelle Isle Daze (Part I)Strata
7The Lyman Woodard OrganizationBelle Isle Daze (Part II)Strata
8Harold McKinneyFreedom Jazz DanceTribe
9Space CadetsSpaced Outta PlaceParkside
10MandréSolar Flight (Opus I)Motown
12Urszula DudziakMosquito DreamArista
13Bootsy CollinsMunchies For Your LoveWarner
14Sunrise Ltd.Our Love Will GrowPizzazz
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